About Us

Hi!   I’m Dr. Angela D. Thomas (affectionately known as "Dr. A")!  

I created iGift Kingdom Apparel because I struggled in my 20s to embrace just how much He valued my gifts of teaching, science, encouragement, motivation, health, leadership, operations, and more because many of these didn't fit the traditional "mold" of ministry.

He showed me through His Word that EACH of us has a gift and a purpose and He values them ALL!  We should too!  And He Uses them ALL "For Kingdom Building"!

So iGift Kingdom Apparel launched with our flagship "i[Fill in Your Gift]" design that you see in many of the pictures on our site.  From there it grew to celebrating those gifts, being gifted in general, celebrating God, and His Word! So...

iGift Kingdom Apparel  celebrates the God-given gifts of all women!

God gave EACH of us gifts!

He values them ALL, so do we, and so should YOU!

iGift Kingdom Apparel encourages ALL women to celebrate themselves, their Kingdom gifts, and God's Word!

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Learn more about Dr. A at www.DrAngelaDThomas.com

Dr. A also teaches God’s Word LIVE on Facebook FREE every Wednesday at 7 pm in “The Kingdom Building She Shed”.  She teaches God’s Word in an easy-to-understand way so women can:

  • Get the tools we need
  • To shed the mess we don’t
  • To build God’s Kingdom on PURPOSE!

Want to Join the She Shed?  Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/704878000899244/