VOTE!  Our GIFTS Depend On It!

VOTE! Our GIFTS Depend On It!

The newest iGift design – Excuse Me, I’m Speaking #KingdomDaughter – is certainly inspired by Senator and Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris.  Politics aside, the statement reminds us that God created our voices to not be silent, but to be HEARD – irrespective of gender, race, education, income, or background!  Speak and be heard!

The Presidential election is upon us and regardless of our political affiliations, we MUST VOTE!  Not only is it the perfect opportunity to allow our voices to be heard, but who is elected will have implications for how we can express our gifts. 

Many of us have had to rethink, redirect, reimagine, and retool how we use our gifts because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Likewise, many people of color live day-to-day facing resistance and overcoming obstacles such as racism and discrimination, just to express our gifts.  The health of our economy affects how we invest, grow businesses, job security, and have opportunities for expression.  The list goes on and on!

We must VOTE!  Be sure to vote NOW through November 3rd like our GIFTS depend on it – because they do!

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