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We are Blessed!

Deuteronomy 28 tells us just how blessed we are!  It starts with saying "Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the country."It goes on and on about the wonderful ways that God has blessed each and every one of us!  Read it in it's entirety!  

Sometimes we just need a reminder with life simply starts "lifing"!  When the enemy tries to convince us of something different.  Sometimes it's a word of encouragement from a friend and sometimes it's you having to encourage yourself like David!  When you have a well of God's Word in you, it's easier to encourage yourself when you need it in your darkest times.

Turn to God's Word any time you need that reminder that you are blessed!  Of course, our mission is to also remind you with our Women's Christian T-Shirts!  Here's one that's great to have on days you really need it and on days you simply want to boldly declare it!  Be BLESSED today and every day!

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